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Welcome to In Power Franchises

Our consultation service is a FREE program. Our goal is to help you identify franchise or business opportunities that meet your personal, professional, financial and lifestyle goals . Before starting your own business, it is extremely important to take a slow methodical approach with your research and align yourself with professionals.

Franchise Consultants are extremely beneficial throughout the process and can save you a tremendous amount of time, energy and money.

All FBA consultants have gone through extensive training programs that include legal training, industry training, client training, profitability studies, franchisor training, and more. We provide an abundance of tools to help you in your decision process.

Home Based Franchises Pros & Cons

According to FRANdata, there are currently 164 home based franchises. It is a rapidly expanding market.  This may seem like an odd statement to you, that is if you don’t know that franchising is not inclusive to restaurants any more.  There are thousands of different types of franchises.  They range from home based opportunities to full blown hotel chains.  Because of this, the probability of the average consumer’s capability to be awarded a franchise is significantly enhanced.  Now instead of needing $500,000 to $2 million to start a franchise, you only need a minimum of $20,000.  That’s remarkable!

Doors are flying open for people all over the country who have a little bit of equity in their homes and have desire for something on their own.  After all, your employer must make a profit on your work.


What Our Clients Say About Us:

"I am the owner of Service Team Of  Professionals of West Orlando, a property restoration company. As a British citizen I had to obtain a visa to operate the business in the USA and my chosen location in Florida, which was achieved in July after a difficult application process.

Sabrina and her team helped and supported me in the franchise selection process and stepped in to help me in the visa application after being let down by another company. Without Sabrina’s help I have no doubt the successful outcome would not have been achieved.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sabrina and the FBA. Sabrina and her team went well beyond the call of duty to give me the best start in my business."

~John Dixon MBA
Service Team of Professionals of West Orlando,Inc.
"Sabrina Wall and the Franchise Brokers Association is hands down the best friend that you will find in your search for the best Franchise fit.. Sabrina works with you and Franchisor to structure a relationship that benefits both sides resulting in a long lasting positive experience for everyone concerned. Sabrina is a major asset to the first time Franchisee and provides you with an excellent education before, during, and after your investigation period leaving you with a complete and thorough understanding of the remaining steps to success. Do yourself a favor and start with Sabrina. Start with the best!"
~Randy Sivewright

Referral Program

How would you like to make easy money for just referring someone to us? Sounds too good to be true right? If you know someone who is looking to starting a franchise and refer them to us we will pay you!

Step-By-Step Process

In Power Consulting’s franchise advisors utilize an easy unique 10 step process to choosing the right franchise for your needs. Let our advisors help you decide which franchising opportunity is the right fit for you.

Benefits To You

As an FBA accredited franchise consultant my clients are afforded 1 hour of complimentary legal and accounting service. This gets you the assistance you need when negotiating the final deal with your franchise purchase.

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