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About In Power Franchises

In Power Franchise ConsultingIn Power Consulting is a franchise consulting firm. We are licensed affiliates of, The Franchise Brokers Association, Inc., the leading association of Franchise Brokers. We have hundreds of contracts with franchisors that pay us directly for referring them to qualified candidates. The franchisors are essentially outsourcing a department of their business to us. The franchisors time is best spent cultivating their relationships with their franchisees. They often would rather pay someone else to go through all of the inquiries for them, only introduce them to clients that are a good fit for them.

When you request information on a particular franchise over the internet, that request is generally sent to a franchise consultant instead of directly to the franchisor. It is then our job to call you and assist you with your questions.

We work with hundreds of franchisors and are continually adding more franchises to our list. What we have found is that all franchises are not created equally. We have an extensive research process that equips us with all the information necessary to verify the strength of a franchisor.

We are privy to insider information from the franchisor as well. In most cases, the franchisor can not give the potential franchisee any information on certain topics. This is governed by strict FTC guidelines. However, franchisor can give consultants this information. This does not mean that we can give you the information, but we can show you franchises that fit exactly what you are looking to achieve. This could save you from wasting a lot oftime and money on a franchise that may not be what you wanted.

There’s a bonus too! The franchise consultants on our team are franchise owners. They have the industry experience of researching, starting, and operating successful franchises. This is invaluable in helping you to get through these processes as well. Our team is skilled in negotiating with the franchisor, what to do to get your business earning revenue quickly, and most importantly what not to do once you have become a franchisee. We will prepare you with all the proper questions to ask, how to do the homework assigned by the franchisor, what to look for from the franchisor, and a plethora of other useful tools. 

Through our affiliation with the Franchise Brokers Association we provide exclusive services to our clients such as legal council on each franchise that is awarded. This is through Greensfelder Attorneys at Law a leader in franchise law.

In Power Consulting is very active in the lives of the franchisees that have previously been awarded a franchise with our help. We assist with press releases, promotions, building traffic to their websites, training, strategizing, and encouragement! All of this is FREE to you. The only thing we ask in return is that you refer us to any potential franchisees that come to you. We’ll even give you a substantial referral fee if that client is awarded a franchise based on your referral to us.

In Power Consulting is a company with heart and soul. Our firm is passionate about helping people and we have been given a great opportunity to do so. For more information, send us a “request for information”, or just give us a ring! We love to chat.

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