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Franchise Training Institute

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$17k Min. Investment

Franchise Training Institute

An Affiliate of the Franchise Brokers Association**

A High Growth & Flexible Career in the Franchise Community Awaits you...

Hundreds of people who have been interested in purchasing a franchise have become a franchise broker first. Why? In conducting their research they realized the best investment was in selling franchises.  

Just like a Realtor helps someone find the house to buy, get connected with a lender, home inspector and title company, a Franchise Broker does the same thing but for Franchises.  They help the buyer find the franchise, check it for profitability, reputation and stability.  Then they connect buyers with funding sources, inspectors (Franchise Attorneys and Accountants) and Insurance advisors.  The real difference is there is very little competition as a Franchise Broker compared to a Realtor and a Franchise Broker can work from anywhere with anyone in the world making their marketplace much bigger.  

We have analyzed our most successful brokers and found they possess the qualities below. If you feel you share some these traits, franchise brokering may be right for you.

  • You are comfortable speaking to professionals
  • You are results oriented and a high achiever
  • You like having control over your earning potential and your growth
  • You are motivated by high commissions (national average commission is $20,000*)
  • You are intelligent and have a good understanding of business
  • You enjoy helping others and yourself succeed while achieving financial freedom!

Franchise Training Institute is the right choice for you if...

  • You want to keep 100% of the referral fee you earn
  • You don’t want to spend a tremendous amount of time on the back office administration of this business and instead focus on your candidates
  • You believe that professional education is extremely important to your success
  • You would like to have access to advanced technology and be able to easily use it.

What is involved in running this business?

  • This is a home based business
  • No experience is needed in the franchise industry
  • Must qualify prospective franchisees (your candidates)  
  • Investigating & matching the right franchise system for your candidates
  • Act as a liaison between the franchise and your candidate
  • Collect a referral fee from the franchise

What do we provide?

  • You will have access to the FLSSM (Franchise Listing ServiceSM) with the most search criteria on franchises, making it easy to quickly find systems that match your candidates needs and preferences
    • The FLSSM can also instantly provide you with comparison charts on various franchises
    • Media such as franchise video presentations & documents can be shared via email or social networks with the click of a button
  • We have extensive lead programs in niche markets
  • We provide your candidates with legal and accounting support for every transaction
  • A custom designed website is created for all members who receive our training. This ensures your business appears credible and trustworthy; not something that is questionable and dated
  • Access to presentations on franchises and industry information (with more added daily)
    • Over 1,000 hours of training is archived within their Members Only Resource Center
  • Access to live national broker support provided from the staff at the headquarters in Orlando, FL
  • Opportunities to collaborate with other Franchise Brokers in weekly Groups
  • ...AND MORE!

*Source: Franchise Update

** Franchise Training Institute (FTI) is an affiliate of the Franchise Brokers Association (FBA).  FTI provides all business start up services and initial training programs.  FTI is a federally registered Business Opportunity.  FBA is a membership association that provides all ongoing and long term support for brokers.  FBA provides all back office services as well.  


Min. Net Worth: $0k Years in Business: 9
Home Based: True Financial Assistance: 3rd Party Funding & SBA Micro Educational Loan
Lead Assistance: True Recession Resistant: True
Discount Programs: International: True

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