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Green Life Carpet Cleaning

Business Services,Green Company,Maintenance - Restoration - Cleaning
$42k Min. Investment

Green Life Carpet Cleaning is leading the change in the carpet cleaning industry, with solutions that benefit not only the client and environment, but also the franchisee.

Carpet Cleaning and 24 Water Extraction:
Use our advanced technology platform paired with the water extraction capabilities to completely outclass the competition.  Differentiation  and quality are key factors in Green Life’s success.

Home/Commercial Cleaning Division:
The use of the Green Life Home Cleaning Trademark, products and processes is available with no additional franchise fee and can literally be run as a complete separate business.  Comarketing between the home cleaning and carpet cleaning divisions has shown great success and allows you to cover all bases of the cleaning spectrum for your clients.

We provide each franchisee with the proper tools needed to focus on increasing the client base and revenue. 

In House Call Center and Invoicing Service:

We want each franchisee to focus on increasing revenue and increasing their client base.  Our trained staff takes care of all inbound calls from residential and commercial clients, and adds them to the Calendar real time with constant updates to the franchisee.  We then take the next step and send out and receive all invoices on a weekly basis for each location.

Green Zone franchisee portal:

Our franchisee portal offers each franchisee an array of areas such as a full Customer Database, Vendor List, Training Video Section, to list a few.  It is a one stop shop to run your location.  Below are some other key items available in the Green Zone.

Calendar: This gives you access to your locations Calendar which will be continually updated by the Call Center.  You also have the ability to add cleans, 24 Hour Water Extractions, and Evaluations to this calendar.
Shopping Center:  This section will provide you will all of the hardware and marketing info you may need to run your business.  Items that range from cleaning agents, machines, clothing, and all marketing supplies are available for purchase and shipment in this section.

Stats and Reports:  This is an excellent source to track all of the information in regards to your locations’ monthly and annual progress and revenue. It is composed of multiple charts and graphs for each division of your business. This section also ties in with the Customer Database for the Apartment clients section.

Accounting:  This section allows you to view all invoices that have been created and processed (Paid/Unpaid).  You can also create new invoices and send directly from this section.  The Accounting section is directly tied into the Calendar and Stats and Reports System.

Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best options in the cleaning and carpet cleaning marketplace.  Our franchisee support, training, and technology will give you the best chance of success.


Min. Net Worth: $75k Years in Business: 9
Home Based: False Financial Assistance:
Lead Assistance: True Recession Resistant: False
Discount Programs: International: False

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