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What is an automated spa?
An Automated Spa is a unique and innovative spin on traditional day spas. Customers pay a monthly membership fee for unlimited fully automated, push-button spa & UV services in a private room without the need of an attendant. These rejuvenating wellness services include four types of massages, two types of facials, hydration treatments, teeth whitening, guided meditation, oxygen therapy, weight management treatments, UV therapy and Mystic spray tans and a wide range of skincare and nutrition products all bundled together to help customer achieve their total skincare, wellness and stress relief goals.

Spa Services are Not a Luxury
The convergence of rising health care costs, aging baby boomers, growing life expectancy and the desire to live a healthier life have made spa and wellness services a necessity. Once only a luxury item, spa and wellness services are in high demand because they minimize health costs, reduce stress and help people live healthy, happy lives. This explains why Planet Beach Contempo Spa revenue numbers are growing system-wide, even in today’s tough economy. Stress relief is the number one reason customers visit spas and Contempo spa is able to offer luxury spa services at non-luxury prices.

A Spa for the Masses
Lower prices mean the average customer can visit a spa several times a week and benefit from a variety of services. That’s the genius of a Planet Beach Contempo Spa: the average customer can get health and wellness services for one low monthly price and can use what they want, when they want. ‚”We have regular customers visit our spas 2-3 times a week. If they had to pay hourly rates for our services, they would spend well over $2000 a month,‚”Steve Smith, CEO of Planet Beach Franchising Corporation. ‚”We’ve made it possible for most people to afford regular relaxation and rejuvenation.”

The Neighborhood Wellness Center
The wellness industry is booming and products and services related to wellness are hitting the market at a rapid pace. Consumers seek a trusted source for expert advice and a consistent spa experience. Planet Beach spa consultants are all professionally trained to provide the highest quality, most knowledgeable service to our clients. We provide an affordable alternative to the lavish cost of spas while maintaining the highest quality of personal care and attention

Planet Beach Contempo Spa is filling a need for the local products and expert services in a neighborhood wellness center.

Want a massage twice a week? Need a healthy and attractive spray-tan? Want to work guided meditation in to your schedule? Want to burn calories and detox with a hydration treatment? With a neighborhood contempo spa, customers can escape the daily grind and slip away to the ‘beach’ on a whole other ‘planet’ and get consistent service every time they visit.

Stephen Smith had this in mind when he passed by a neon sign in front of a defunct uptown New Orleans tanning salon in 1994. The sign said “Electric Beach.” He had been operating healthclubs and gyms for years and understood the value of helping people live healthy lives but the gym business was limited; he wanted to help people feel better about themselves.

Smith decided to open his first salon and bought the uptown location. Since funds were tight, he could only change one of the words on the sign outside. Beach stayed, replaced with Planet to represent the desire to escape to the beach and have an “otherworldly” and relaxing experience.

The first tanning spa — and the spas that followed — were an overnight success. The Planet Beach franchise system grew to several hundred locations and many foreign countries. Today, there are over 300 franchise units in 38 states and 6 foreign countries. The company is still based in New Orleans and the original uptown location is still posting great numbers.

In 2005, Steven had a self-described “moment of inspiration:” why not expand Planet Beach into a full service day spa and make it affordable to the average citizen?

Smith’s idea tapped into a real need in the marketplace.

“I saw that we could provide the same results of a traditional spa in less time and a whole lot less money,” Smith says. “Our industry was changing, demand for tanning was diminishing and demand for day spa services was increasing. It became very clear to me that we needed to reposition our brand to become a more successful franchise. We broke into an untapped niche with the Planet Beach Contempo Spa concept. ”

The franchise is now positioned to turn the day spa industry on its ear by making spa services, traditionally considered luxury purchases, available at extremely affordable prices to massive amounts of customers.

“Until Planet Beach Contempo Spas there were only day spas for the affluent,” said Smith. “Now we have a day spa for the masses. By offering a membership model that cost members a mere $79 to $99 a month, customers can receive the same amenities one gets at an elite spa for a fraction of the costs. We believe we have created the future of the day spa industry.”

The future is here! Planet Beach Contempo Spas are thriving in the market and even posted positive revenue gains in the worst of the recent recession.

Huge Potential
A fundamental shift in how we think about health, disease and aging is taking place and it’s called wellness.

Wellness is no fad or passing fancy. This shift is a social movement, and much like the “green” movement changed the way we think about energy usage and recycling, it is changing how people across all age groups eat, exercise and spend their time and their money. The customer base is huge and continues to grow.

The growth in the health and wellness industry is phenomenal. Consider these numbers: From 2005 to 2008, retail sales of health and wellness products, including organic and natural personal care products, increased 42 percent, to a total of $112 billion in 2008. Revenues for the U.S. spa industry jumped 32 percent over the same period, to $160 billion in 2009, according to the International Spa Association.

Scheduling a spa massage was once about pampering — today it is as much about prevention. Our lives are stressful, and we have a much better understanding of how chronic stress affects our health. Finding healthy ways to unwind is more and more an important part of a balanced lifestyle.

That’s where Planet Beach Contempo Spas come in. Planet Beach taps into two key wellness trends: stress-reduction treatments and wellness products. A Contempo Spa is a neighborhood wellness center, a one-stop, membership spa that provides unlimited access to services for a monthly fee.

All the services are in private rooms and are fully, self-automated. Wellness treatments include facials, a detoxifying sauna, rejuvenating hand therapy, oxygen therapy, guided meditation, therapeutic massage, weight management treatments and spray tans, UV therapy and so much more. The spas also carry a number of proprietary and national nutrition, skincare and take-home spa products lines.

The Automated Spa concept connects with customers because it delivers what they want:

  • Convenient, less expensive services
  • Somewhere to relax and recharge
  • Privacy, no need for an attendant
  • Innovative technology
  • Reciprocal membership-based offering
  • A place to escape the everyday grind

Competitive Advantage

  • We deliver all services through automated technology, completely setting us apart from traditional day spas.  In fact, we are the world’s FIRST and ONLY automated spa.  Traditional day spas fall short in 3 areas: affordability, convenience and privacy
  • We are affordable because we are membership driven business model
  • We offer convenience because most services are delivered within 20 minutes
  • We offer privacy because the equipment does all the work rather than a hands-on approach; no licensed therapists


Min. Net Worth: $325k Years in Business: 23
Home Based: False Financial Assistance: Relationship withthird partylenders
Lead Assistance: True Recession Resistant: False
Discount Programs: International: True

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